The True History of Mind.

How can anyone escape what he cannot understand?

Society is lost.

Everyone is looking for an escape, a solution to turmoil.

Call it enlightenment, nirvana, freedom, mindfulness, and any other catchy names that give your ego some pleasure from pursuing them.

And with any buzzword, comes a marketable solution: yoga, tantra, fasting, meditating, reading, listening to this music, to that music, running in circles, doing this, not doing that.

You DO many things. And you feel proud you’re doing whatever it is you’re doing.

Is your activity worthwhile because of the pride it provides? How about the results you are getting?

Is the solution some DOING?

How can someone direct what he doesn’t understand?.

This is the True history of Mind.


Man is born defenseless. Unlike many animals, a human baby cannot survive on his own without an elder human coming to his support.

The caretaker naturally talks to the baby. Because that’s what an elder did to him when HE was a baby. The (new) baby starts learning there are sounds related to everything that exists. “Tree” is that thing, “Water” is that other, and the caretaker is “Da-Da”.

Man tries to make sense of his new awareness. He tries to make sense of it all.

Man knows he just exists.


Words are descriptive at the beginning, but the now toddler is TEACHED, that there are “good” things, and “bad” things. Welcome the adjectives. This itself, is neither good or bad; it is just how it happens. Caretakers do this in the toddler’s “best” interest. Eating an apple is “good”; a cable on the other hand, not so much.

Description is no longer enough. Now enter Preference. With Preference comes Choice.

This is the first step to the creation of the Mind.


Experience starts to get blurry. Man starts to judge everything. Is this “good” or “bad”? Such an ability is needed for survival. But instead of ONLY using this ability for survival, he uses it to judge nature. And after judging, he chooses.

He prefers sunny days over rainy days. He prefers either the beach or the mountain.

Choosing blocks him from half of life’s experience. He starts to run in one direction opposite to the other.

His turmoil begins. The Mind is created.


Man judges, chooses, and then evaluates.

“Apple and not Pear.”

His evaluation is followed by a second layer of judgement. Now not over the experience but whether his choosing was met or not. If it was, then “good”, and if not, “bad”.

Memory helps with survival. It recalls danger situations to avoid them in the future. The spider with the pungent bite is avoided.

But Memory also recalls judgments. And Mind starts adding them all up to come to a third layer of judgement. Is the aggregate “good” or “bad”? Is his existence “good” or “bad”?

Is HE “good” or “bad”?.

An identity is formed.


Man lives under the identity Mind created for him.

An identity that has a story. An explanation. Rules.


He cannot let go. How can he? If that is who he IS? He has Values, Effort, Vision, Reasons, Rules and a myriad other WORDS to feel wronged.

Mind attaches properties to WORDS. The very same which initial intent was to describe, not to judge. Words now affect his state of mind, his actions, his future, and with it, his whole existence.

How do you describe Mind without using words?

Mind has convinced Man that IT is HIM.


Words become spells. If words have been able to create an identity for man, what can’t they do?

As Man is affected by words, Man thinks his words affect others, and his environment.

The world is created. A world defined by words. This world does not exist outside of the mind. What exists is incontrovertible.

Man creates many things in reality, but these things have no significance.

Are there trees? Yes.

Are there buildings? Are there monuments? Yes.

But neither have any significance. Significance can only exist within the world that mind has created.

Man creates. Now, this creation can be bound by the rules the Mind has set, or it can be free, true, and natural.

What you do after reading this lines, is up to you.

To your freedom,


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Photo by Emily KenCairn of Apiary Studio on Unsplash