The Lake

When you live in reality, what does it mean to communicate with others?

Imagine there is a lake.

Crystal clear, surrounded by a sandy shore and some trees. You get to see the other end of it.

It is a beautiful sunny day, with a clear blue sky, and the sun in your face. You are barefoot and feel the sand. You can feel its warmth.

You feel a soft fresh breeze and goosebumps appear on your skin. They quickly go away.

You look around and see it all. The trees. The water a few steps away. There are also birds which sing every once in a while and you hear them along with the sound of the wind going through the leaves.

You are at peace.

Nothing occupies your mind. There are no thoughts of “must do”, “have done”, “what if”. You are just looking, feeling, and being in that shore.

Then you see another person. He is about 15 yards away.

He’s doing the same as you. And you look at him looking at the lake. You can see he is also calm as nothing is occupying his mind. You are the only ones around.

No thoughts invade your head while you’re looking at him. You look at him the same way you are looking at everything else. You just notice.

Then, he turns his head and looks towards you. With a slight smile. The same one you have in your face. Now both of you are noticing each other. Without judgment. Without explanation. Just like the both of you are.

A desire arises in both of you. You both want to communicate with each other. But you know no words. No words exist where you are.

You start walking to the edge of the water closest to you and so does your companion. The distance between you both stays the same.

Now you stand right at the edge of the water.

You raise your head and look at the surface of the lake. There are spots where the water is not so clear, and others were it even has different colors. There’s some movement on the surface too. Some ripples here and there, some waves over there.

Now you put one foot in the water. You feel your foot is now wet and know that the water is slightly cold. You put the second one in.

You start seeing pictures that come and go in the water. Some of these pictures are on the surface, some deep down and thus blurry. They look like holograms.

The ripples you created reach your companion and his ripples reach you.

Your awareness is now with the water. It leaves your body, because it is not longer noticing it nor anything outside of the water. It transports you underwater. You look closer at the pictures, sometimes you’re inside them, or moving between them, from one side to the other.

You select some pictures from the water and show them to him. He does the same with you. You repeat, he repeats. And there are feelings associated with these pictures, both familiar and new. You transmit these to you companion through the water. You are communicating with your companion through these exchanges.

You are both completely submerged, and while you are at this play, you start loosing oxygen. But this doesn’t kill you. You just start feeling a sense of urgency. And slight pressure on the chest.

You keep performing to communicate with your companion. You swim up and down, twirl and turn. Sometimes you get tangled in some roots, and free yourself. In the meantime you notice more people are in the water, and they participate as well.

Some of the exchanges are pleasurable, some are not. The water is all you see. Sometimes clear, sometimes foggy. And the pressure on the chest not only remains but accumulates. Maybe more stimuli, more communication will help.  So you keep swimming, you interact more, you search into the deep places of the lake.

The urgency is now anxiety, panic, unrest. You look at more pictures looking for a solution. But there is none.

You keep swimming for so long, that you are tired. You go so deep that everything is dark. And cold.

You surrender. What’s the point of all this?.

After that, you remember where you are. You are just a couple inches deep in the water. Your awareness is back at where you’ve always been. Just at the shore.

You take one step out of the water, and then another. Your feet are quickly dry because the sand is warm.

Your companion is gone. You notice everything again.