Stopping the train of thought.

Or "How to stop thinking."

Thought process is automatic.

As any system that exists out there, it uses fuel.

Remove the fuel and the system stops.

Thinking stops.

What’s the fuel?

The fuel is fear.

You fear the unknown. You fear you will waste your life. You fear this is not the way.

Any great endeavor started with an assumption, and a lot of risk.

The assumption here is that if any of the formulas out there worked at all, they would have work for you already. They would have worked for the myriads people out there trying them, and also for the ones promoting them.

Answer this question:

Are “you are enjoying life” even if you don’t tell that to yourself in your head?

What does it mean to enjoy? Why is that an obligation?

Your mind right now is telling you these words are about going to the opposite. About seeking pain.

Nothing farther from the truth.

Living without thoughts means living without opposites. Only looking at what is.

When you look at everything as how it just is, your first reaction will be a “Ha”.

It is nothing like you were told it would be.

You start knowing who is telling the truth and who does not. Who is just repeating words from ancient books, or telling pictures society agrees with about happiness, purpose, peace, light, and everything in that tone.

You start seeing every thought as a projection. Words that previously meant something now do little. Something happens and the train that was about to start (“this happened because I am this/that person is…”) doesn’t just stop. The train of thought dissolves.

Can you live life properly without telling yourself “you’re living life properly”?

What are you when you stop describing yourself?