All Systems Are Hackable

The System of Life is comprised of Money, Body, Tribe and Mind.

Your reality is shaped by the tiny decisions you make every day. You are already here.

Take action in that field where change will have the greatest impact in your life right now.


Money is a part of this world. It is energy: it flows, it transforms.


Ray Dalio created the largest hedge fund there is.
He has always looked for the reality of systems, and pushes the idea that any entity can be understood when you look at it as a machine.
In this book he lays out what are the principles behind his economic performance.


Tony Robbins is the most prominent life coach today. This feature gives him access to the brightest minds there are around the topic of money.

This is not a book about him, but about how money works large scale, as told by the masters he has access to. You'll get value just by knowing these masters name, to research on your own (Ray Dalio above, for example).

The Money Code

This is a brief read filled with wisdom found in religious texts.

Best put in the author's words:"Non-religious people must not put aside religious books simply because they do not believe in religion."

These books just happen to have knowledge so valuable, that it is worthwhile to read them to this day.


There are two levers to this system: Input (how you get your energy - what you eat) and Output (how you dispose of your energy - what you do).

Before playing the discussion that every body is different, understand what is common to all human bodies.

The Story of the Human Body

The beautiful machine we all operate has a story. This book covers how it has been modified throughout time so that you can take better decisions about your own machine today.


You want better relationships, period. For you to attain that, you must understand what a bond is and what affects it.

Networking for People Who Hate Networking

You can work on money alone. On your body. And on your mind as well.
You cannot work on your relationships alone.
This book breaks the anxiety cycle you experience in social situations and puts you on the path to improvement.


Vanessa Van-Edwards is a social scientist.
She pulled apart all the pieces of the social game and explains it in her book in a beautiful way.

Mind - Tier I

Mastering your mind takes time at the beginning. You need to lay the foundations for understanding concepts that will arrive at a later time.

Change your Questions, Change Your Life.

A question may get an explanation of and continue your path of suffering, or may set you in a different direction.
Better questions lead to better answers.

The Fifth Agreement

Society agrees the mind has always existed. What it doesn't recognize is that this belief keeps man from looking for the exit.
This book gives you an insight of how minds are formed.

The Untethered Soul

Filled with analogies, you start visualizing what it means to deconstruct the mind and everything that comes with it: self-image, stories, beliefs and ultimately: ego.

Mind - Tier II

You've now able to explain how you are not your mind, you are not your ego, and you are the observer instead. This is however still an intellectualized vision of Truth.

A story must become an experience to be real.

Direct Truth

A Master's Secret Whispers


Hsin Hsin Ming (Osho's interpretation)

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